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ALTERVERSE is a literary universe and multiverse made up of the story arcs of multiple planned and in-progress litterature and culminative world-building projects. Here, you can contribute to the multiverse and explore what it presently entails.
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 Being in the Guild

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PostSubject: Being in the Guild   Mon May 16, 2011 8:27 am

Hi there, members of the Writer's Guild.

I have chosen you to be part of the Guild because I think I can trust you. This means that I am allowing you to read the novels as I've written them so far. Please respect that fact in the following ways:

  • Try to help out by being a frequenter to the Guild; read the topics and reply if you can contribute
  • Read the book and comment on the chapters. Tell me what you think needs fixing, give suggestions, etc.
  • Please try not to spil the plot into the forum. I know this can be hard, but I don't want people taking our ideas. Suspect
  • Please, I beg you, do not violate my trust by taking our ideas for your own. Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the Guild and removal from the forum. Banbutton And maybe a lawsuit if I can get this copyrighted by then.

Thank you. ^^

[Also, you may find your name in the "thank you" list in the books. Smile ]
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Being in the Guild
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