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 The Character Sheet

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Character Sheet
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PostSubject: The Character Sheet   Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:00 am

When you activate the character sheet tab in your profile, you'll see a column of 30 fields. The first, eleventh and twenty first fields say "Primary Character", "Secondary Character" and "Tersiary Character". These three fields act as the headings of the sheets for your three seperate characters. Note that you don't have to have every (or even any) sheet filled out.

In each of these three fields you'll also find a table saying "Activated?", "Active?" and "Alive?". These will be filled and edited by myself. Let's look at each of those independantly:

-Activated. If this says "N/a", it meens your sheet hasn't been looked at by a mod (or me, the game master) yet. If it says "No", it meens you have to edit the sheet because it's been rejected. The reason(s) will be explained to you, as will what you can change or fix. If it says "Yes", then your character has been accepted and you can start playing.

-Active. As with "Activated", an "N/a" means your character is not yet functional. A "Yes" would mean that the charcter is active. I.e the character is being regularly used. The opposite it true for "No", which will come into play if the character is not used for a full 48 hours since the last time it was. If your character is borrowed by another player (with your or my permission only) the Active status will change to "Yes - [player name]".

-Alive. Let's just say that your character can die. I don't think I have to explain this. However, there are also in between statusses here: "Yes, but compramised" (wounded or otherwise weak) and "Yes, but barely" (close to death; situation critical).

The next field is "Character Importance", which will be at 0 when you start playing. Importance is determined based on how large a role your character plays (note: It is against the rules to give your own character a large role without my permission) in the RP. If you can't be as frequent as other players, make sure your character doesn't become too important, unless you've appointed someone to take control of him/her/it while you're abscent (I do suggest that each player has at least one such person appointed).

Next is the character's name, the first field that you're directly in control of. The name you give has to be the version of the name that humans can pronounce. At least, it has to be writable in English lettering. Note: This field is for your character's FULL name, preferably the one given to him/her/it at birth.

Now for the nickname. This field can be filled with multiple names (seperated by a ";"). These are the names that others frequently use to call your character. If your character has no nickname, say "None".

The next is the race. Think carefully about this one. I suggest you know whichever race you choose fairly well before choosing.

After that you choose your character's age, in human years (you may want to know that Xen'vi natuarally have longer lifespans than humans, at about 160, but with the medicinal technologies of the time, the average human is also able to reach that age before death). Please don't make it younger than ten or older than 100.

Do I really need to explain gender?

The next field is a fairly large one for your character's description. This encompasses your character's personality, habits, likes, dislikes, attitude towards certain subjects, perhaps even their appearance, if you have no pic, and, well, anything else about him/her/it that you'd like to say. This should probably be fairly long.

The biography of your character is their life story. In this second last field, you need to tell us the circumstances of your character's birth, the life your character has lived so far and the events that shaped your character's past. Your bio doesn't have to be as long as their descriptions.

The final field is for your character's whereabouts, as specifically as possible. Why? So that users who newly join the RP can know where your characters are as to help them figure out how to jump in.

Lastly, you'll find a thingy on the lefthand side of the screen for pics. You guys will have to help me out here - I'm not sure how many you can upload. If it's only one, you'll have to be smart about making it so that all your characters are included (in which case it's probably wise to label them).
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The Character Sheet
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